It’s hоt in Mexico City! Amy flaunts a petite biкini on vacation

T.J. and Amy Robach kept their friendship alive when visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on their second romantic getaway after leaving ABC.

She was wearing Daisy Dukes and a black bikini top while she and T.J. Holmes were on vacation in Mexico. The former GMA3 host can be seen in pictures as:

What You Need to Know A couple of anchors went on a romantic stroll on February 17 in Puerto Vallarta, a well-liked tourist destination in Mexico.

Despite the fact that it appeared they had recently stocked up at a store based on the bags they were carrying, they were cordial as they stopped to converse with individuals, most likely people they knew.

Amy’s 50-year-old attire was completed with sunglasses, a leather crossbody bag, and black flip flops. The 45-year-old T.J. wore a white t-shirt, plain pants, and beige sandals.

While Puerto Vallarta currently seems to be in the low 80s, they both reside in New York City, where it is currently in the mid-40s to mid-50s.

The couple’s second adventure is motivated by their extramarital affair, which began when they were both married—she to attorney Andrew Shue and he to Marilee Fiebig—and resulted in their discharge from their ABC contracts.

Following an investigation into T.J.’s extramarital relationships, ABC disclosed that neither host will be joining the network on January 27. On January 28, they were seen cuddling in Los Angeles.

While doing the research in December, they didn’t watch any television, but they did take a quick trip to Miami, Florida.

According to a statement from ABC, Amy and T.J. made the decision to leave the company after “productive conversations” with both hosts. After several fruitful conversations with Amy Robach and

Everyone agreed that T.J. Holmes leaving ABC News was in everyone’s best interests, the news division claimed in an email to HollywoodLife.

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