A man asked a single mom to marry him, but she had no idea that he was also going to do this…

Since meeting on social media, Cassandra Reshar and Grant Tribbett have been dating for nine months. The fact that Cassandra was a single parent was immediately obvious to the man.

The man said in an interview that “honestly, that was one of the many characteristics that moved my heart.”

He asked Adriana to dress up for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel restaurant with her 5-year-old kid. Cassandra felt awkward asking him to dress up for the dinner because she and her daughter always looked stunning.

He took my young child and I to a restaurant once I got ready, the 26-year-old wrote. “I began to feel uncomfortable and a little embarrassed by this need to dress up.”

After the lunch, Grant drove them to their reservation and guided them to a stunning site with a wooden bridge. Then the man got down on one knee and made his marriage proposal. Cassandra naturally concurred.

What her lover did next astounded her even more.

According to what she recalled, “Grant turned around to make a nearly identical proposal to my daughter.” He asked for the chance to be Adriana’s father and pledged to raise and adore her for the rest of her life.

Adriana said, “Thank you,” but it appears the man was looking for a definite yes or no answer. And Adriana immediately said, “Yes! Finally, I’m going to have a father!

As a token of their agreement, the father gave the mother a ring and his daughter a necklace.

Every story has a good ending. Simply have confidence that everything will turn out for the best and that it all has a reason. Despite the obstacles and negativity in our environment, it’s crucial to believe in the good!

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