Mother frequently came late to her daughter’s concerts but here is what happened this time…

Christmas is a wonderful time for family get-togethers and relaxing evenings. Nowadays, everyone is occupied with furnishing homes and cooking delectable meals. The air has an ethereal quality. There is a strong aroma of hot chocolate and buns everywhere.

Gifts, joy, and holidays all belong to this season. Children look forward to the winter fairytale known as New Year because it is the day when the entire family gathers together, in addition to holidays and gifts.

Ekaterina’s mother always arrived for the Christmas holidays later than the parents of the other children because of the nature of her line of work.

Even though the daughter was accustomed to it, she was disappointed to see that while all the mothers attended their Christmas concert, just she was not there. The girl excelled in singing and worked very hard in class. Every Christmas night the girl wished that her mother would come as soon as possible.

The solo segment of Katrin’s performance was planned for the Christmas event. It was a lovely, happy day. In the morning, she and her friends decorated the stage and the Christmas tree. Family members quickly arrived to take in the singing of the kids. Ekaterina stood in the middle and sang her part perfectly. All the children received gifts after the performance, which went well.

The college president said that another audience member was listening to the music behind her and invited her to take the stage as the most significant present drew to an end.

Imagine the mother of the girl’s shock and delight when she entered the stage. She ran to give her mother, who had still made it early and saw her daughter perform, a great embrace since she was so happy. Catherine had just experienced the happiest Christmas of her life.

After all, nothing is better or more valuable than time spent with family. With her parents and other family members, the girl’s adored mother, whom she hadn’t seen in many months, was present for Christmas. It turns out that if you really want something and have at least a little believe in fairy tales, you can make your New Year’s wishes come true.

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