Movie beauties get old too!: Some actresses who have changed beyond recognition over the years

These women were once regarded as role models for beauty, grace, and charm. Women aspired to be like them, and men admired them. Their charm and distinctive appearance have turned out to be the secret to their enormous success. Their appeal has spread around the globe. Not everyone, though, was able to mature gracefully. Sadly, time proved to be their greatest adversary. Some people gracefully accepted their aging, while others used plastic surgery to extend their youth. Unfortunately, the supporters were unhappy with both. However, it is important to keep in mind that cinematic beauties age just like any other woman would.


Goldie Hawn

Meg Ryan

Janice Dickinson

Melanie Griffith

Kate Moss

Kathleen Turner

Michel Mercier

And what do you think of these well-known celebrities? Have they undergone a significant change over time?

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