The 14-year-old daughter of Milla Jovovich reprised the lovely picture shoot with her renowned mother

Ever Gabo Anderson, Mila Jovovich’s oldest kid, caught everyone’s attention when she made her modeling debut last year.


Miu Miu has seized on the mother-daughter similarity since the 14-year-old beauty signed a contract with the fashion house and developed a fresh advertising campaign that was motivated by the 1934 photo session. A 13-year-old model with a basic yet “grown-up” appearance was taken by the photographer in 1988.

People have been discussing these photographs in general for more than a year. Ever began to amaze the audience at this point. The girl seems to be modeling her famous mother’s clothes. The first people to clearly connect the two sessions were the actress’ manager and a close friend of hers.

Motivated by a photoshoot with a 13-year-old model. Oh my God, you are just like a mother. What a gorgeous mother, what a beauty! You constantly outgrow your mother in beauty! Internet users said that the photographs were “extraordinarily delicate” and that “you and I are strikingly similar.” What do you believe this story deserves? Alert us.

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