“Used to be a pretty girl”: how the 22-year-old Bulgarian looked before all the plastic surgeries

In the twenty-first century, plastic surgery has gotten more and more common, and its popularity in society has increased to the point that it is no longer generally looked down upon.


While some people have effective plastic surgery procedures that improve their looks, others, regrettably, have procedures that diminish their natural beauty.

This is the case with Andrea, a young woman from Bulgaria who frequently posts on social media about the results of her multiple surgeries. At first, Andrea’s fans believed that the filters she used in her images were to blame for her peculiar and amusing appearance.

She finally revealed, nevertheless, that she had undergone more than twenty operations to obtain the desired look. She is only twenty-two years old, and in stark contrast to the old photographs that demonstrate how beautiful she once was, she now appears strange and even ludicrous.

We’d love to hear your opinions on Andrea’s metamorphosis, dear readers.

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