“What Beautiful Parents And Daughter!”: What Does The Heiress Of David Bowie And Iman Look Like?

Even though he is no longer with us, David Bowie is a music legend who is adored by millions of people. His coworkers also respected him.


Many of his followers find inspiration in his relationship with model Iman because they were regarded as one of the most attractive couples. Their long-awaited daughter Lexi was born in 1992 after they were married.

The lives of David and Iman’s daughter were kept private, and they hardly ever shared pictures of her. They desired for Lexi to lead a typical, content childhood. Lexi made a different career choice despite having prominent parents.

She is presently pursuing a degree in art theory while maintaining a typical student lifestyle. Lexi, who is now 22 years old, inherited both her mother’s exceptional beauty and her charismatic father.

She has a bewitching stare that is quite alluring.

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