At the pop music Awards, J Lo wears a prоvсаtivе lеotаrd with a trаnspаrеnt minisкirt sеe the pictures

J. Lo wears a modest leotard with a transparant miniskirt to the Pop Music Awards.

She took up the ‘Bios’ prize from the CCM Award Show on Monday, showcasing her incredible figure in a seductive, vivid green outfit.


Being greener is simple when you’re here! The artist, who is already older than most, was struck by the bold almond leotard and

She wore a translucent skirt and a long sleeve to the MTV Awards on Monday, hiding her left arm. She received the “Hot” trophy.

The Hustlers’ star showed off the look, and it was obvious she was ecstatic.Her impact on contemporary media, persistence,

the award states, “and continued importance as a tour and radio presence with a fervent fan following worldwide.” J. Lois is consistently the most gorgeous guest on her song “Get Up” from 2006.

She is a great advocate for both lowering emissions and depth styles! When Versace unveiled the plan,

The singer recalled wearing the infamous Gucci dress, which plunged to the navel, at the 2000 Music Awards. She fit like a glove into the flowing robe of the forest.

The lovely lady proved she was one hot mommy in fantastic shape as she strutted her stuff on the runway at the event.

The outfit attracted a lot of attention the first time around because it showed so much skin (famously starting to appear in images), and it didn’t let us down in 2019 either!

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