“Fresh Bodysuit Photos”: Emily Ratajkowski’s Perfect Figure Takes Social Media by Storm!

Have you ever questioned how she keeps herself in shape? It’s all about balance, says Emily, and there’s no secret diet at play.

The aim of Emily’s diet is a well-balanced one with a preference for fresh ingredients and a mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, she said in an interview.

She freely professes her affection for meat, appreciating the wealth of beneficial fats and proteins it contains that give her energy.

Emily rarely eats out and prefers to prepare her own meals at home. She has complete control over the components in each dish because she makes her own food.

She does, however, occasionally splurge, treating herself to a protein and fiber-rich sandwich for lunch that includes fresh veggies and chicken.

Photographers recently recorded Emily relaxing on a Miami beach vacation with friends. In a mini bikini, she confidently displayed her lean body, leaving little to the imagination.

Even though she was criticized and accused of using Photoshop and retouching, Emily showed off her true, summer-ready body to disprove her critics. Her muscular figure and great abs were highlighted by the bikini.

Emily wore a matching red cap and a dainty necklace to complete her beach appearance.

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