Finally a daughter: a girl was born in a family with 14 boys

If you’ve only had boys for more than a decade, it’s difficult to understand what it’s like to be a mother of a girl.
Today, we’ll introduce you to the Michigan family of Schwandts, who made headlines in April 2018 when she gave her 14th child the wacky name Shiboyegen.

But now that their family has welcomed its 15th child, a girl, they have a new incentive to conduct an interview.


The content mother claims she was never concerned about her children’s gender. After graduating from college, the couple had already raised three sons when she first met her spouse while still in school. The oldest is already 28 years old at this time. He already has a wife, owns a home, and is hoping to have a child. Taylor frequently makes the joke that they are prepared for their son since they have every piece of clothing a boy could possibly need for every age and season in the house.


Maggie was chosen as the uncomplicated name for the newborn. The 45-year-old parents had plenty of time to decide what they would name their daughter. Their grandpa makes fun of the fact that in the past, if an Indian family only had boys, a ritual would be performed after which a girl would inevitably be born; if not, the shaman would cry out, “She boy again!” (which translates to “again a boy!”). The youngest son was thus given the dual name Finley-Shiboyegen.

Because there are so many males living there, according to Kateri, there is constant disarray and turmoil, noise, and hunger. But if they had preferred two sons instead, they would have done so long ago. A daughter is like a ray of sunshine in a big family, and she already has so many guardians!

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