From now on, plastic is powerless. 60-year-old Tom Cruise impressed fans with an aged look

Fans were happily pleased when famed Hollywood star Tom Cruise showed there. The 60-year-old artist has changed significantly during the last few months. The belief among Cruise’s followers was that “even plastic won’t be fixed by a floating oval.”

Such a handsome dude, “Time does not paint anyone,” “We are not all getting any younger,” “Sad to see,” The question “How has he changed,” What’s wrong with you, Tom? Tell me I’m dreaming, please. “Plastic is no longer powerful,” The phrases “What a sad sight” and “What a sad sight”

“But he earns a living with his face,” say online users. He has aged greatly, dramatically changed in appearance, and suddenly. And I’m curious what you, pals, think. What do you think?

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