The couple converted a school bus into a very nice and comfy motorhome for a year

Florida is home to the wives of Robbie and Priscilla. They then decided to carry out a peculiar scheme. Young people had intended to buy a motor home for this purpose since they had always desired to travel widely.

They began looking for alternatives after learning that this mode of transportation was fairly expensive. And what delight the two felt when they came across a listing for a used school bus. They started manufacturing it for themselves as soon as they purchased it.

To turn a standard school bus into a motor home, the couple needed a year.

However, observe the result! Everything is there, including a kitchen, a bedroom, and a cozy, 19.5 square meter cottage with wood siding.


The property also has energy, thanks to 6000 W solar panels installed on the roof, whose power is sufficient to run the washing machine and air conditioner.

The home also has electricity thanks to 6000 W solar panels that were installed on the roof and provide enough power to run the air conditioner and washing machine.

Now Robbie and Priscilla may travel in true luxury.

The two have been on the road for ten months and have visited 137 cities along the east coast of the United States. Then they plan many trips overseas.

“We are appreciative of the opportunity to travel, see new locations, taste new foods, and learn about other cultures. We still have experiences while learning a lot of new stuff. The couple asserts that they exude an air of enchantment.

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