Firefighters rescued 8 puppies from the sewer, but it turned out that they were not puppies at all

A call came into the fire station, which Brian Vaughan was in charge of. There are eight puppies in the storm sewer, according to the caller, but he is unable to rescue them on his own. He urgently needs assistance or the children would perish. The black Labrador cubs, which the man could see, were probably abandoned in the drain by careless owners.

The fire crew responded to the call and arrived at the location right away. The delivery of the puppies took twenty minutes. Fortunately, nobody was harmed and everyone arrived unharmed.

They did not at all resemble dog cubs, which was the only thing that disturbed the rescuers.

The so-called “puppies” were delivered to an animal sanctuary close to Pikes Peak. The veterinarian examined them, and it was discovered that these were young foxes.

The director of Colorado Park and Wildlife, Travis Sauder, claims that foxes are widespread in the region. They frequently pick less-than-ideal habitats for reproduction, such sewer manholes, for instance.

Following consultation, the specialists determine to return the “find” and wait for the mother’s arrival. They’ll be taken to a facility for rehabilitating wild animals if she doesn’t.

Here is a brief video of the rescue effort as well.

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