One of the biggest blonde bombshells in the 1970s has an unconventional approach to aging

However, Suzanne Somers has recently had to deal with serious health issues, a loss, and terrible ups and downs.

I have always loved Suzanne Somers because she is genuine, funny, and inspiring. The renowned actress, singer, novelist, businesswoman, and health advocate has proven her capacity for original thought and audacious action.

Her acting career started in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when she started appearing in game shows, films, and sitcoms. The 76-year-old actress rose to fame after playing the spunky blonde Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company, one of the finest TV sitcoms ever.

On the episode, Suzanne played the stereotypical bumbling blonde. For many of us, she will always be Chrissie from Three’s company.

Sadly, there was controversy when she left the series. Money is a factor in every justification for why Suzanne Somers was made to leave Three’s Company. Some suggest that her problem was that she wanted to be paid equally to John Ritter, the “true” star of the show.After working on the Emmy-winning television program for four seasons, Suzanne asked for a hefty wage raise in late 1980. She was enraged by the fact that the men on the show received higher pay. With a demand for between $30,000 and $150,000 per episode, the skilled actress decided to stand up for what she believed in. What was ABC’s response, then? She was instructed to walk.

The answer from the program was “Who do you think you are?” Somers spoke to People. “John Ritter is the star,” they declared.”

When she left the show, her connection with the Three’s Company actors deteriorated. John Ritter and Suzanne Ritter didn’t even communicate with one another for 20 years.

But soon before Ritter passed away in 2003, the actor got in touch with his old co-star, and they reconciled.

I’m in a beauty parlor. I haven’t spoken to him in 20 years when the receptionist approaches and informs me that I have a phone call. ‘It’s John Ritter,’ she says,'” Suzanne told Entertainment Tonight. “He said, ‘Hey babe’… It required a lot of maturity on my part to refrain from responding, “You forgive me?,” when he answered, “I forgive you.” I therefore say “Thanks.”

After Three’s Company, what?

When she debuted in Three’s Company, Suzanne seemed to have a successful acting career ahead of her. She was well-liked and well-known by the general public, and it was clear that she would play more important roles. However, the international sex icon struggled to maintain her popularity after leaving the hit ABC program.

Even though Suzanne tried to be successful on other TV shows, it was challenging for her to reach the same level of popularity as in the late 1970s.

She is currently highly recognized for activities that have nothing to do with performing.

The native Californian is also the author of two autobiographies, several self-help books, and four diet books. Suzanne is a businesswoman and a proponent of complementary medicine.

It is impossible to argue that she has failed in her goal of aging gracefully. Many of her publications deal with ways to delay aging and maintain “Sexy Forever”

Many people assert that the 76-year-old robust woman still has a youthful appearance. The fact that she is in such fantastic shape after everything she has been through is simply astounding.

preventing cancer

Suzanne received a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis in 2000.

“You are coming face to face with your mortality when you hear those three words, ‘You have cancer,'” she said. “You never consider that your time on earth is finite.”

She said, “I thought, how ironic — I was known on ‘Three’s Company’ as the Queen of the Jiggle,” alluding to her breasts. “I think that whatever a sex symbol is, that’s what happened to me,” the person said.

In order to treat her cancer, Suzanne had a lumpectomy. She received radiation therapy in addition to chemotherapy, which she declined. She decided to treat herself with Iscador, a fermented mistletoe extract, instead of following the doctor’s suggestion.

Suzanne decided to change her food and sleeping patterns after her treatment. The 76-year-old has always promoted living a healthy lifestyle and has admitted that receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2000 served as a wake-up call.

She now only eats organic foods and pampers herself with herbal infusions.

“Today, some people tell me that it takes a lot of work because of all the vitamins and supplements I take, the hormones I apply everyday, the green drink I drink every morning, the probiotics, etc. It’s a lot more work to be sick, I usually say,” she said.

The singer claims that just consuming “clean food” has contributed to her continued youthful beauty.

“I enjoy how I appear. I like how I’m feeling. I enjoy my vigor. I’m a wise man. I can tell you from experience that, with the right attitude, growing older can be an amazing experience.

The 16th of October will mark Suzanne Somers’ 77th birthday. She did it in 2019 while wearing her birthday suit in a way that many of us can only fathom.

In the cheery photo, Suzanne was seen squatting in a Californian field of flowers and grass. The former Three’s Company actress received praise for being so open on Instagram, but she also received criticism for behaving in “poor taste” and being “too old” to be acting in this manner.

“Suzanne I hate to say it, but that picture doesn’t look tastefully done to me; it looks disgusting,” someone remarked.

“Jealous?? Hardly!! I’m a very accepting person, but this picture lacks class,” another user commented on Instagram.

Simply put, Suzanne no longer looks fine flaunting herself in her worn-out birthday suit. Suzi, I apologize, but you are too old for this. Put on a t-shirt and jeans, show some class (if you can find it), and you’ll look hot.

Even if some would find it controversial, the amount of love and support she received on her 73rd birthday proved otherwise. A few of her supporters took the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday. Others praised her for sharing a bare-chested photo of herself on social media.

“I have to add that your smile says it all. Go for it if your daily activities enable you to grin so gorgeously at everyone. You are stunning, and if something makes you happy, I don’t think you should hide it. To be honest, if someone can’t take you being you then they can simply walk on,” one fan wrote. “You radiate joy to all the loyal fans that Love you.

Suzanne radiates warmth, modesty, and a joyful desire to be open and honest about her health practices.

She has helped so many people via her transparency and her books, which is excellent because many women would rather keep their aging secrets to themselves. Many thanks to Suzanne for inspiring me and for putting so many great memories on the screen. You are a wonderful person and a living legend!

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