An American reality show called “The Voice Blind Auditions” consistently brings out the finest in aspiring singers. In this episode, we see the Cunningham Sisters wow the judges with an outstanding cover of Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly’s “Never Alone.”

A reality television program in America called “The Voice Blind Auditions” is known for bringing out the best in aspiring singers. The Cunningham Sisters stun the judges in this episode with a superb rendition of Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly’s “Never Alone.”

When the sisters from Ohio began by alternately reading the songs, the judges were bewildered. Ariana Grande was the first to realize that Kelly Clarkson had turned her chair around.

Except for John Legend, all of the judges were taken aback when the female singers started harmonising.

Cunningham Sisters

Legend and Clarkson engaged in a lighthearted back-and-forth after the sisters’ singing in an effort to win the girls over. In the end, Clarkson was victorious.

Kelly Clarkson is well-known for being the first winner of the well-known reality competition American Idol. She persuaded the girls with this information.

John Legend became well-known for his singing, writing, producing, and performing of gospel music. Despite his best efforts to persuade the girls that he could teach them because they were both gospel singers, the girls finally selected Clarkson.

The YouTube video of their remarkable performance has received over 1 million views.

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