The model, who is 27 years old, made an appearance at a gathering that the Chanel company hosted. Kendall Jenner made an appearance wearing a dress without any undergarments

The 27-year-old model attended an event that was hosted by the Chanel corporation. In a dress with no underwear, Kendall Jenner made an appearance.

The Karl Lagerfeld retrospective was held in New York City’s vintage shop What Goes Around Comes Around, and Kim Kardashian’s younger sister was there. The diva chose an extravagant presentation for the situation.

The top model wore a stunning blue dress by Alexandre Vauthier with enormous feathers on the hem. It was clear that there was no bra because of how tightly the star’s outfit fit.

As Kendall posed for pictures, she displayed no symptoms of embarrassment.

Crocodile-skin clutch added the last touch to the star’s appearance. The hair was styled into lovely waves by the model, who then pulled it back into a ponytail. The eyes were the main emphasis of the star’s nightly makeup, according to makeup artists.

There was a lot of conversation online over the star’s new shot.

At the tail end of the previous year, Kendall Jenner made her pregnancy public. The model truly likes to ride horses, and she even helped her favorite mare become pregnant.

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