Dad talked to his daughter for 9 months: She recognized him immediately after birth

Every parent looks forward to and cherishes the first time they meet their child. especially if it’s the first time in your life that it’s happened! Such a moment recently occurred for a Brazilian couple, but it was made much more remarkable by the unexpected response of their new baby.

Baby Antonella’s parents received their first grin just a few minutes after she was born! And it turns out there was a reason for it: Flavio Dantas, the baby girl’s father, was continuously chatting with Antonella when she was still inside her mother.

The father always spoke kindly to his daughter as he left for work. When the girl hears her husband’s voice, her mother Tarsila has started to notice that the girl starts to act more aggressively. The mother was aware that their child could recognize sounds, and this was verified right away!

Flavio spoke to his infant daughter and was met with the greatest smile ever from her in return! The man said that he simply was unable to express the emotions that followed his daughter’s smile. Even though they are separated by great distances, they are connected by a very strong relationship. The father’s and the daughter’s affection is unconditional.

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