‘Fresh Prince’ star Alfonso Ribeiro shares devastating photo of his daughter a day before her 4th birthday

Ava Sue Ribeiro, daughter of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro, was hurt in a scooter accident and required surgery. Just one day before the girl’s fourth birthday, the incident happened.

After falling off of her sit-down scooter, Ava Sue was hurt. On her right elbow, shoulder, and area surrounding her right eye, she was left with serious burns, severe bruising, and horrible scarring.

Ava Sue’s condition was updated by both Alfonso and his wife Angela Ribeiro on social media.

The day before turning four is not the kind of day you desire. Just wanted to send [Kare MD Skin Health] a heartfelt thank you for the emergency service and process to help reduce the likelihood of [scarring]. As he complimented the hospital personnel for their prompt response, Alfonso said, “So proud of how courageous my baby girl was during the procedure and included pictures of her.

On the other side, Angela claimed that she had a motherly instinct and felt that something negative would occur.

I told the family, children, babysitter, and friends helping with Ava’s birthday party preparations that “we are not doing anything wild or unsafe today that could potentially result in an ER visit. When I shouted these words, I literally made everyone look at me,” she wrote on Facebook.

A few time after her mother’s forecast, the girl fell from the scooter.

Dr. Raffy determined that surgery was necessary for Ava Sue when she was brought to Kare MD Skin Health to reduce the risk of future scarring.

It was “not a fun way to spend your last day as a 3-year-old, but she was a trooper,” the mother wrote. “Adding more hugs to this sweet girl’s tonight.”

The team at Kare MD Skin Health took the time to thank Alfonso for entrusting their child patient to them on Instagram and wish their young patient a very happy birthday.

“[Alfonso], I appreciate your warm sentiments. We feel really privileged to care for your darling princess Ava. Good luck with your recovery, they wished in the caption.

Happy birthday to lovely Ava Sue and best wishes for a quick recovery.

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