People called her ‘the ugliest bride in the world’

This woman received a lot of unfavorable comments about her appearance when she got married six years ago. However, she has made a spectacular recovery six years later.

No one can disagree on concerns of taste. This adage contains a lot of truth because what some people find beautiful can easily be deemed repulsive by other people.

Little did a Russian couple know when they posted pictures of their special day on social media that those pictures would go global for reasons they never imagined. Many people laughed at the bride’s physical appearance, particularly given that she was quite overweight and larger than the groom. Soon after, the couple started receiving a barrage of unfavorable comments online, making them the target of contempt and mockery.

Only a small group of the couple’s friends and family offered their congrats and stood with them.

There were a lot of hurtful remarks. Some people even asserted that the bridegroom was only marrying her because she was likely wealthy and that he only loved her for her wealth, which was untrue.

The sad incident happened about six years ago, but even after all that time, the pictures are occasionally reshared, and the remarks are just as cruel as they were when the pictures initially appeared on social media.

A reporter recently came across the couple’s popular photo and decided to find out if they were still dating by conducting some research.

He learned that they are still deeply in love, just as they were at first. But what really astounded him was how much of a change the woman had made in the years after her picture went viral and she was called “the ugliest bride in the world.”

It is incredibly difficult to identify that she is the same woman who was made fun of online due to her appearance today. She has completely changed.

Not only did she significantly lose weight, but she also changed her haircut and wardrobe.

How many people can declare that their lives have undergone such a profound change? Not a lot, I suppose. To be able to accomplish anything like that, one must have unimaginable commitment.

Nobody is truly sure what gave rise to the desire for the shift. Many people who have seen the new images assert that the woman was compelled to reduce weight despite the fact that her spouse liked her just the way she was due to social media pressure.

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