Police are called on boy selling ‘Ice Cold Beer’ but his clever sign has them laughing

Some people merely have a natural aptitude for business from birth. This, along with perseverance, risk-taking, and a desire to put one’s skills to the test in order to better utilize them, make up the winning mix.

Seth, an 11-year-old Utah boy who has already launched a business, has many people in awe of his current marketing strategy.

He finally made up his mind to sell beer instead of lemonade, so he walked closer to the sidewalk holding a sign that read, “Ice Cold Beer.”

Even though some of the neighbors found this to be charming and praised him for starting a business, others were concerned that a young person was selling alcohol and called the police.

As soon as a couple officers showed up at Seth’s booth, they had a great time rather than reprimanding him.

It turned out that this young businessman was selling root beer, however the word “root” wasn’t written in big letters like “beer,” it was in tiny green ones.

The Brigham City Police Department considered Seth’s poster sign to be a successful marketing strategy. Sincerity dictates that not every child can succeed.

Once the piece was posted online, people felt forced to comment.

He is witty, orderly, and spotless. WORKING CAREFULLY AND TAKING THE PUBLIC INTO ACCOUNT…HE CAN GO ANYWHERE WHEN HE HAS THAT MINDSET! A group of outstanding police officers are mentoring him, too. I adore what ONE PERSON WROTE.

Some people felt that whoever called the police to report this young man should be ashamed, but the department didn’t agree. “Our citizens should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to call us,” they said in response. They were only reporting what they saw as a suspicious circumstance. Nothing was harmed.

Even more, the police spent $1 on root beer, which they later utilized to advertise Seth’s business by sharing his charming story.

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