She’s cute. This is how the life of the thumbelina girl, who will always be the size of a doll, goes on.

Let’s have a look at this charming Thumbelina-like girl going about her daily life while she will always remain doll-sized.

A adorable baby in a stroller is visible in the image. But this stroller isn’t made for a kid; it’s made for a medium-sized doll.

This is due to the young protagonist, Abigail,’s small stature, which is caused by a rare kind of dwarfism.


It’s tough to pinpoint the exact nature of her condition, but to put it simply, her body never develops. Abigail is currently without a known treatment despite advancements in modern medicine.

She looks like a newborn baby at age 2 because she weighs only 4 kg. Her older sister, who is only two years her senior, appears noticeably bigger in comparison.

With specially ordered little furniture, toys, and household items, Abigail is made to feel at home.

Medical professionals are hopeful that Abigail will lead a full life despite the low development they anticipate for her. She will eventually develop the skills necessary to walk, talk, pursue an education, and develop abilities that are in line with her ability.

The parents of young “Thumbelina” Abigail hold out hope that someday, medical innovation may enable them to assist their daughter in overcoming her challenges.

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