With 90-inches of flowing brown locks, this real life Rapunzel has hair brushing the ground behind her

The 33-year-old Alia Nasyrova is not your normal woman. On the contrary, her amazing appearance makes her the center of attention wherever she goes. You may be wondering why. It’s because of her incredibly long hair, which is 90 inches long.

Alia says of her stunning hair, “I started to grow it out since I’ve always enjoyed long hair. Additionally, I’ve always been captivated to long-haired princesses from fairy tales.She currently works as “a very long hair model and is also a Queen of super long hair,” a woman of Latvian ancestry.

She provides unique content of her hair to paying followers as a means of support.

On her website, she states, “I dream of traveling the world, looking for long-haired girls, telling about them, and showing this beauty, which I treat as an art.”

Naturally, long hair requires a lot of maintenance. Compared to the other goods, it takes Alia an hour to wash it, and a full day to air dry it. A day pack containing 22 pounds of liquids, including shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products, is also required for the hair.

Ivan Balaban, Alia’s husband, says he loves Alia’s hair and the way she looks but that he doesn’t touch her hair because he doesn’t want to damage it. In a 2017 interview, he asserted, “I’m always hugging up the wall to leave more space for hair, so there is no way I can damage it accidentally, mix it up, or injure it in any other way.

I always speak respectfully to the braid. I ask it to move a little bit now and again,” he added.

Of course, even if it seems appealing, having hair as long as Alia’s can be difficult at times. When she was a child, someone left gum in her hair in the theater, which she later remembers as a tragedy. I had to chop out a clump of hair since it was so difficult to remove the gum.

Now, if you think Alia has the world’s longest hair, you’re mistaken. The record is now held by Chinese resident Xie Qiuping, whose hair is 18.5 inches, or the length of an adult male giraffe.

What do you think of Alia’s hair? Don’t you think she reminds you of Rapunzel in real life?

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