A man went to visit his 90-year-old grandfather

Senior citizens have seen far more than we have. They are wise, intelligent, and a lot of fun to be around, to start. That is, for the most part.

We guarantee that you will smile after reading this joke. It concerns a 90-year-old grandpa and his grandson who paid him a visit he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

A man traveled to see his grandfather, who was ninety years old, who resided in a remote and isolated part of the state.

His granddad cooked him eggs and bacon for breakfast after spending the night.

He asked his grandfather, “Are these plates clean?” after noticing something on his plate that looked like film.

“Go ahead and finish your meal; those plates are as clean as cold water can get them,” his grandfather retorted.

He asks again, “Are you sure these plates are clean?” that afternoon as he eats the hamburgers his grandfather made for lunch and notices little particles around the border of his plate and something that looks like dried egg yokes.

The grandfather responds, “I told you before; those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them,” without taking his eyes from his hamburger. Please stop asking me about it now.

He was heading to a nearby town for dinner later that day. He remarked, “Grandfather, your dog won’t let me out,” as the dog of his grandfather began to snarl and would not let him go.

With complete focus on the football match he was watching on television, his grandfather yelled, “Cold Water, go lay down!”

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