“As devoted as dogs, donkeys. The young one grew up relying on this donkey as a companion.”look their miracle video

The central theme of this pleasant narrative centers around the interpersonal connection between a little kid and Snickers, a donkey. Children from rural households frequently experience an upbringing characterized by a close proximity to various types of animals. Gunnar, the male individual, was raised in a household that shared resemblances with regards to the presence of equine animals, canines, and felines. The individual possessed a generous and compassionate nature, demonstrating a strong affection for animals. Upon the arrival of a donkey brought home by his father, Gunnar developed an immediate affection for the animal. The child had great delight upon acquiring a new pet and promptly resolved to establish a friendly relationship with it.

Gunnar initially approached the donkey with caution due to his lack of prior acquaintance with the species, leading to uncertainty over appropriate interaction protocols. Each morning, the young male would venture to the paddock in order to observe his paternal figure engage in the act of nourishing the livestock. Subsequently, he commenced the act of providing sustenance to Snickers on multiple occasions personally. Over the course of seven days, a bond between the young male and the equine creature had developed. Gunnar assumed the exclusive responsibility of providing sustenance for his domesticated animal, and throughout the evening hours, he engaged in the act of meticulously tending to its dorsal region with a comb.



Donkeys exhibit a strong sense of loyalty due to their close association with horses. The domestication of horses and donkeys can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where their origins can be found. Donkeys are highly regarded as companions due to their extended ten-hour workweek and their capacity to allocate time for lunch breaks. Contrary to previous beliefs, it has been observed that donkeys do not exhibit the level of stubbornness that was formerly attributed to them. Donkeys exhibit a propensity for forming social bonds, wherein they select a single companion and engage in exclusive companionship.


It has been shown that they exhibit positive social interactions with both children and members of their own species. Snickers and Gunnar had an enduring friendship that lasted a lifetime. Establishing trust with a donkey takes more than merely providing it with a desirable treat; it also entails employing kind language and demonstrating displays of affection. Donkeys have a notable level of intelligence.


Possessing a heightened sense of intuition and acute auditory perception. Individuals have the ability to engage in proactive planning and make adjustments to their chosen path if circumstances require. They will not yield or show any flexibility if they have suspicions of something being incorrect.


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