Larisa found a newborn baby, but when she learned who had left the baby there, she was almost stunned on the spot.

In the restroom of the train station, Larisa stood by the mirror, putting on lipstick. All of a sudden, there was a baby’s crying in the air. In one of the restrooms, she assumed a mother was changing a diaper.

But no one emerged, and the sobbing went on for a while. Larisa went over to the stall where the sobbing was coming from. When she knocked on the door, nobody answered. Upon opening it herself, she discovered a baby in a carrier perched atop the toilet.

The baby had been left in the bathroom by someone. Larisa grabbed the carrier and ran to the security office of the station. He was the on-duty security guard. He questioned, “Do you think the baby was left here on purpose?” If not, how could it be? A baby is not something you just leave in a bathroom! Larisa answered. Are you by yourself? Anatoly enquired. “No, how is that related to anything?” This infant clearly needs a diaper change, thus it’s obvious you don’t have kids.After making a police call, he proceeded to buy some diapers for the infant.

The cops showed up once things were in order. Using the security cameras, they located the mother of the infant. Not too far away, she had boarded a train after leaving the carrier. Finding her took the police several days.Her parental rights were taken away during a court hearing. By the time the child was scheduled to move to a foster home, Larisa and her partner had discovered a new child in the baby they had saved. They had started dating, tied the knot, and were now enjoying a blissful married life.

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