Teens chip in to buy best gift for friend with special needs on his birthday

Ty Burningham, 25, of Davis County, Utah, is a very fortunate man. Why you might ask. That’s because he has a large social circle and is well-liked by everyone in the neighborhood.

Ty may have severe needs, but that doesn’t stop him from making others smile wherever he goes.

He’s a talkative young man who’s kind to everyone he encounters, according to those who know him.

Local teenagers Maddie Weger and Hunter Garrett, who recently graduated from Davis High School, are among his friends. They talk about how much they adore spending time with Ty and how much they appreciate his company.

Maddie said to KSL, “He’s just so friendly to everyone.” “For example, my mother once met him at Bowman’s, and he came over and spoke with her for about half an hour.”

“He has that kind of personality where you just can’t help but smile when you see him, you know?” Hunter continued. “Wherever he goes, he just brightens the room.”

The two young men decided to surprise Ty with a brand-new electric scooter for his birthday along with eight other pals to show him how special he is to them and the community. He still rides his old scooter, but it was time for a new one.

Ty remarked, “Aw, sweet!” as he saw what they had done for him.

He was giddy with excitement and couldn’t wait to use the scooter.

According to his buddies, that was the least they could have done for their valued friend.

Teenage Raef Thomas said, “It’s not that big, but Ty, we just love him.”

Ty deserves this surprise for all that he does on a daily basis to help the residents of the community.

Visit the video below to find out more about this motivational tale and to witness Ty’s response.

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