That day, I came to the school to pick up my daughter earlier, sat in the hallway, and started waiting for the bell. Suddenly, I heard the teacher’s words that made my eyebrows crawl up my forehead.

My daughter began first grade this year. As I stared at her, I couldn’t believe that this was my little child, who had only the day before quietly dozed off on my chest. I therefore go right after my daughter’s courses to fetch her up. The educator brought up the possibility that kids who attend longer childcare would find it more difficult to transition to school. I usually arrive early and wait for the bell to sound for five to ten minutes, during which time I observe the students’ behavior and determine whether they pay attention to the teacher.

When I first got there, the kids were having art class, and I was sitting in the hallway across from their classroom. The instructor distributed albums to which we, the parents, had made contributions. I watched as the kids began flipping through the records, searching for their favorite characters, and albums with simple covers were missed. At that moment, our homeroom teacher stated something that I wanted every adult, myself included, could have heard. She said, picking up a record with an unadorned cover,

You’re all searching for the most exquisite, vivid covers with the most exquisite drawings, my dears. Many grown-ups follow suit. However, be aware that your image within is independent of the cover. It doesn’t matter because the cover is merely wrapping.

You don’t pick boring lollipops with gorgeous wrappers when there are chocolates nearby with less eye-catching patterns. That’s just the way life is. Acquire the skill of surrounding oneself with content rather than just outerwear.

It made me very delighted to have a teacher like her for our kids. Since these lines capture the core of human society, I would truly like as many adults as possible to read them. Oftentimes, we choose covers without giving the content much thought.

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