The Instagram celebrity was 700 pounds. A few years ago, American Amber Rusty, and now.

Amber Rusty’s former self is almost unrecognizable to her.

The girl looks just like she did a few years ago in these pictures. Amber was so big that it was hard to see the creases of fat and cellulite around her feet.

The girl could not walk by herself. Rudy, a handsome young man, assisted her with all of this. He is the only other one in Amber’s local vicinity who truly gets Amber.

Rudy never made light of Amber’s weight and stood by her through thick and thin.

However, Rudy left as soon as the girl began to improve. This is how Amber Rusty seems right now.

She goes on a diet, maintains a healthy weight, stops weighing seven hundred pounds, and looks fantastic.

The relationship ended as a result of this. Rudi was concerned that other men would overtake him as they grew increasingly attracted to a beautiful woman with an incredible figure.

Amber recognized she didn’t really need that kind of person by her side once she got through the split with pride.

Rudy’s inclination for an entirely reliant and helpless “overweight ruin” to support him during their friendship rather than a serious romantic connection infuriated the girl.

All of these changes were made possible by attending the expo. I weigh seven hundred pounds. Experts helped Amber develop a nutrition plan and help her reduce the size of her stomach.

The girl will never get back to where she was before.

Amber is rather proud of who she is. She persevered through her most difficult situations to become the person she is today.

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