Elizabeth Taylor’s Amazing Grandchildren

The well-known movie actor Elizabeth Taylor had an incredible career that lasted more than sixty years. She led a fulfilling personal life in addition to her prosperous career, being married eight times and having four children. Her eleven adult grandkids are currently carrying on her heritage.

Not only do prominent people from the 20th century have similar-looking children, but their grandchildren also bear a remarkable likeness to their well-known parents. This also applies to one of the most recognizable actresses of all time, Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor has a prosperous acting career in spite of her tumultuous personal life. Michael Wilding Jr., Chris Wilding, Liza Todd, and Maria Burton are her four children from her eight marriages, two of which were to Richard Burton. Ten lovely grandkids and four great-grandchildren were born into her family as each of her children grew up and established their own homes.

In her later years, Elizabeth Taylor struggled with a variety of medical issues, including skin cancer, scoliosis, and injuries that required more than 30 surgeries. She sadly passed away in 2011 from congestive heart failure.

Taylor enjoyed spending time with her children and grandkids at her Bel Air, Los Angeles, residence before she passed away. Her 10 grandchildren are working extremely hard now to carry on her legacy. Let’s get to know them all:

Laela de Wilder

Elizabeth’s firstborn child, Michael Wilding Jr., gave birth to Laela Wilding in 1971. She presently resides in Portland, Oregon, where she works as a yoga instructor and graphic designer. Being the first granddaughter, Laela had the honor of spending a lot of time with her grandma when she was a child. She recalls their Sundays and holidays spent together with fondness.

Laela has talked kindly about her late grandma in interviews, seeing her as someone who never gave up on pursuing justice. She also laughed about the funny times when Taylor used her artistic talent to trim her grandchildren’s hair.

Laela is frequently compared to Taylor because of the remarkable likeness she has to her grandma, according to many. The similarity is really remarkable!

Luce de Naomi Wilding

Naomi deLuce Wilding is Laela’s younger sister, born in 1976. She co-founded the Wilding Cran Gallery in 2014 with her husband, Anthony Gran, and is currently employed there in Los Angeles. Naomi participates with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, just like her sister.

Although Naomi was not able to witness Taylor’s acting career, she was always inspired by her grandma. She recollects seeing Taylor’s metamorphosis while seated in her dressing room and coming to understand that, beneath the glamorous exterior, Taylor was a kind and gentle grandma.

Taylor took great pride in her obligation to inculcate moral principles in her grandchildren. Naomi was motivated to carry on Taylor’s charitable endeavors by her grandmother’s kindness and candor, which she treasures in her memories.

Joshua Wilding

Caleb Wilding is the first grandson of Elizabeth Taylor, having been born in 1983. After multiple miscarriages, he was adopted by Christopher Wilding and Aileen Getty. Caleb loves his solitude, is a motorbike enthusiast, and would rather live his life out of the spotlight.

Wilding Andrew

Andrew Wilding is the second grandchild of Elizabeth Taylor, having been born in 1984. Andrew, in contrast to his brother Caleb, made the decision to seek a career in the entertainment industry, following in his grandmother’s footsteps. In addition to excelling behind the camera as a producer and cinematographer, he has performed in a number of films as an actor.


Wilding Tarquin

Born in 1989, Tarquin Wilding is Laela and Naomi’s half-brother. He is the seventh grandchild of Taylor. Tarquin chose to pursue acting after being influenced by his well-known grandmother. In addition to being an aspiring actor, he has made multiple cinematic appearances. Tarquin hopes to carry on Taylor’s battle for a brighter future and shares her enthusiasm for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Lowell Virgil

Christopher Wilding and Margaret Carlton, his second wife, are the parents of Lowell Wilding, who was born in 1991. Working on the Elizabeth Taylor Archive, he actively contributes to maintaining and advancing his grandmother’s legacy. Lowell was motivated to become an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation by his grandmother’s unwavering commitment to supporting the HIV/AIDS community.

Tristan Tivey

Liza Todd and Hap Tivey are the parents of Quinn Tivey, who was born in 1986. He held his grandma in the highest regard even though he was not raised on the west coast like her. Quinn attended the University of Southern California to study film in pursuit of a career in the arts. He has happy recollections of his grandma, knowing her as a kind and compassionate woman apart from her well-known persona as Elizabeth Taylor.

Tyves Tivey

Taylor’s ninth grandchild was born in 1991 and is named Rhys Tivey. He is a trumpet player, singer, and songwriter who was raised in a small town in upstate New York. In addition to serving as an ambassador for his grandmother’s AIDS foundation, Rhys respects his grandmother for her capacity to expose injustice and her sincere concern for others.

Carson, Elizabeth

Though Elizabeth Carson was born in 1982, she was adored equally as much as Taylor’s other grandchildren despite not being her biological child. She has fond recollections of her glitzy grandmother, Maria Burton, who was Taylor’s adopted daughter. Elizabeth Taylor is committed to the objective of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and works as a social worker in New York today.

McKeown Richard

The youngest of Taylor’s grandchildren and Maria Burton’s son is Richard McKeown. Although not much is known about him, his mother’s restraining order against his father caused him to go through a trying time in his early years.

Although Elizabeth Taylor’s grandkids have very different lives and careers, they are all connected to their renowned grandmother in a unique way. Through their exceptional contributions across multiple domains and their engagement in the battle against HIV/AIDS, they persistently uphold Elizabeth Taylor’s legacy. Let’s honor their accomplishments and treasure the recollections of this remarkable family.

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation is collaborating with us to offer this article, which carries on the humanitarian work that Elizabeth Taylor did to combat HIV/AIDS.

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