He made a house of only 89 squares, but wait until you see the inside

Luke Thiull, a thirteen-year-old student from Iowa, was unlike any other school-age child you have ever seen. Most kids his age are preoccupied with activities other than building houses.

This gifted young man deliberately created his own little haven in his backyard, which is located in his parents’ backyard. The project cost him about $1,500 USD, but it’s his ideal small home—come have a peek!

It is amazing that this fearless teenager is taking on this challenge, particularly in an era when kids have access to cutting-edge gaming computers and systems, iPads, and smart phones. He made the choice to bust himself in a more “conventional” manner.

On his YouTube channel, he provides a detailed explanation of his motivation behind building a modest house, which he attributes to his ennui.

Following extensive deliberation and extensive investigation, Luke had a reasonable notion of how his imagined strategy would be realized!

In order to gather the funds and supplies needed to complete the work on the house, he raised money by doing fund raisers online, cutting lawns, hiring people for odd jobs, and doing whatever else he could think of. In all, it took him approximately a year to get everything together.

Luke had an electric-savvy friend who helped him install all the electrics in return for Luke emptying out his entire garage—a kind of trade-for-trade, if you will.

Luke used a lot of items from his grandmother’s house that were left behind for his project, and his uncle’s buddy gave him the front door! About 75% of the materials Luke used were recycled!

The tiny home is roughly 89 square feet in size, measuring a full 10 feet in length and 5 ½ feet in width. It has electricity, but it lacks plumbing, so there isn’t a shower or toilet yet!

Luke stated:

“I enjoyed the simplicity”

“And I desired a home free of a sizable mortgage.”

Luke has produced numerous short videos that he posts on YouTube, in which he describes his initiative and the reasons behind it. Many people are interested in learning more about it.

Although Luke’s parents provided him with a lot of financial and building support, dad Greg made sure that Luke was responsible for covering the majority of the costs.

Greg stated:

“It gave a child an opportunity to engage in activities other than playing video games or sports.”

“It imparts lessons for life.”

The house is an adolescent’s dream come true—it’s a small haven where he can unwind and have his own area, replete with a TV, microwave, and bed in the loft—and it even has a barbecue grill outside!

Luke carefully completes his schoolwork in his small home after school, and he occasionally spends the night there as well!

Luke already has plans to build a second home, but one that will be a little larger in anticipation of his college years and his desire to serve as an inspiration to others.

Says he:

“I want to show children that building is possible even at this age.”

Check out the project listed below:


Luke’s story serves as an example of what a young person with a clear vision, a strong work ethic, and, of course, a little help from his parents, can accomplish!

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