Meet Megan and Morgan, The “Trueblue Twins” Who Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Even though twins are extremely frequent, some people are always curious about how two different people can be so similar.

However, despite their resemblance, Megan and Morgan the twins drew more than just inquisitive glances from bystanders. When they were four years old, their eyes were the color of pure water, and as soon as their picture was taken with a camera, it went viral on the internet.

The “Trueblue Twins” title originated after the world fell in love with photos that Megan and Morgan Boyd’s mother had posted on Instagram when they were just four years old.

While most parents drool over photos of their tiny kids, the twins’ unusual features caught the attention of people everywhere. As of right now, they have over 153,000 Instagram followers.

And it’s not hard to understand why, am I correct?

The girls were delivered June 6, 2011.

The daughters’ nickname originated from their mother, Stephanie. Because of their unusually blue eyes, she was the one who initially started calling them the “Trueblue Twins.”

If you want to tell Megan from Morgan apart, you have to look directly at their eyes.

Megan is the only one with two blue eyes. Because Morgan’s right eye is dark brown instead of blue, it looks entirely different.

These are the girls as they currently seem, nine years old.

Twins frequently have a habit of dressing alike. The Trueblues are the same in this sense, as you can see.

Stephanie says she likes to shop for clothes and keep her girls’ outfits up to date.

Her primary focus is the physical and mental health of her twin daughters.

Many of the girls’ admirers have been enthralled and amazed by their unusual eye color.

While blue eyes in adults of African origin can truly be produced by a rare trait, some people instantly assume that these individuals are using colored contacts.

The mother of the Trueblue Twins, Stephanie, asserts that she doesn’t wear colored contacts despite having naturally blue eyes.

Even though her girls have achieved true fame on the internet, Stephanie seems to be a grounded individual.

She does not want to put pressure on her children to pursue modeling professions, even though she is aware that Megan and Morgan’s natural beauty may lead to lucrative modeling careers. That’s wise counsel!

These cute 11-year-olds today aren’t they gorgeous to look at?

Everything suggests that these sweet girls will grow up to be amazing ladies. Please feel free to have this news if you have the same views.

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