A kind-hearted woman adopted a child that nobody wanted to adopt – take a look at how he looks now.

Niki’s first marriage produced a great kid, a large family, and a loving spouse. But there was a memory from her childhood that she could not shake. By adopting a child, Niki hoped to provide them with a supportive environment and a loving home. She decided to adopt a child from an orphanage together with her husband’s help.

They looked through a lot of profiles before deciding on a small child who had very little chance of getting adopted. Rustam has multiple developmental abnormalities from birth. When his mother saw how sick he was, she left him.

She paid a price for living a poor lifestyle before becoming pregnant. Because of his hereditary facial traits, the boy was fed through a tube and was unable to feed himself. Rustam also had linguistic difficulties and developmental disabilities. He had only one leg at birth. All they could do was imitate his face.

Niki acknowledged that she wasn’t scared when she first met the child. Without delay, she began to consider how she and her spouse could support him. Rustam began using crutches and later a prosthetic to walk exactly one year after the adoption. He spent a lot of time working with a speech therapist, which helped him become more understood when he spoke.

At first, nobody trusted Rustam, especially the younger generation, and they teased him. They did not play on the playground with him. Niki eventually made the decision to post details about her son on Instagram for everyone to see. She started sharing pictures and spoke about amusing incidents in their past. Rustam’s page gained popularity quite rapidly.

After the boy’s story went viral, Niki and her child began receiving invites to other television shows. Niki tries to explain to her child that a person’s soul is more important than their appearance and that it shouldn’t be a cause for shame. Rustam’s family is very supportive, even though he still has a long way to go.

Niki describes her kid, who she adores, as “our happiness.”

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