A Woman Transforms a Boeing 747 into a Dream Home

The Best Possible Housing Situation

Building homes out of odd materials, like buses, shipping containers, and tiny houses, is becoming more and more popular.

These unique and affordable alternatives offer a range of customization options in addition to the same level of comfort. Jo Ann Ussery, though, paved the way for this method long before it gained popularity.

After her home in Benoit, Mississippi, was tragically destroyed in 1993, she embarked on an amazing journey to transform an old Boeing 727 into a stunning and functional home.

From Adversity to Achievement

Ussery’s adventure began when her husband unexpectedly died, leaving her and her two children without a place to live. Her first impulse, given her financial situation, was to buy a trailer.

But she soon discovered that she was unable to purchase a home large enough to accommodate her growing family. Bob, Ussery’s in-law and an air traffic controller, then put forth a novel idea: living on an airplane.

Drawn in by the concept, Ussery went to see a deconstructed Boeing 727 and fell in love at first sight. Best attribute? The whole cost of the plane, including shipping, was only $2,000. Ussery named her new acquisition “Little Trump” because Donald Trump also had a private Boeing 727.

With determination and creativity, Ussery began the massive project of transforming the aircraft into a unique and comfortable home. She began a project that would require significant financial and human resources for less than thirty thousand USD, or roughly sixty thousand now.

She needed to make sure the plane would stay stable during the modifications, so she purposefully made it land on her property with its nose facing a picturesque lake. The tail was securely fastened in place using concrete.

Once the foundations were secured, Ussery began to work demolishing the exquisite 1,500 square foot interior. With its seventy-six windows, the approximately 138-foot-long airplane was flooded with natural light.

To achieve her objective, Ussery made substantial design changes to the aircraft. Even with the original windows smashed, the living room was kept comfortably cool by the air conditioning system.

She prioritized upgrading the insulation and changed the aircraft’s flooring. Additionally, Ussery was resourceful in utilizing the plane’s overhead storage and bathroom to save space. The result? A carefully planned living area that made the most of the limited space.

A Unique Sanctuary of Comfort

After the primary improvements were finished, Ussery concentrated on designing an amazing yet comfortable living area. The aircraft had been refurbished and now had a fully functional kitchen, a cozy sitting area, three bedrooms, and a convenient laundry room.

Ussery went over and beyond, making sure her renovated aircraft featured unexpected luxuries like a phone and an oven, rather than settling for just the basics. The transformation of the cockpit into a gorgeous master bathroom, however, has to be the most remarkable feature of her design.

Ussery cleverly planned a soaking tub to take use of the stunning outside views. The layout of the space was deliberately designed to make it seem as though anyone entering would be floating on water.

What truly makes Ussery’s achievement exceptional is that she accomplished this amazing transformation by herself. From 1995 until 1999, she and her children relished their unique residence aboard their customized airplane.

Eventually, Ussery decided that the experience had been so fulfilling that she should share her creation with the world by opening a public museum. Unfortunately, something went awry during the brief movement of the aircraft, causing it to detach from the carriage and collapse.

Ussery’s Boeing 727 is no longer in use, yet its memory endures and inspires people. Anyone with the vision, ingenuity, and determination to construct a truly unique living space may accomplish her incredible journey of turning an old airplane into an incredible home.

Jo Ann Ussery’s life is a monument to the seemingly limitless possibilities that open up for us when we have the guts to pursue our dreams and realize our aspirations.

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