A Woman Turned a 1966 Bus into a Comfortable and Cozy Home on Wheels

In three years, the run-down bus was transformed into a chic and cozy mobile home—the Greyhound.

While some people carefully choose and buy their dream home, others inherit it. But there are also enthusiastic individuals who construct their unique home by hand. In the second, a bright American woman bought an ancient bus, furnished it with everything she would need for a comfortable nomadic lifestyle, and gave it a lovely makeover.

The idea to transform an outdated bus into a stunning Greyhound RV came to Jessie Lipskin.

This amazing tale started when little Jessie Lipskin viewed the documentary “Trash Warrior,” in which the protagonist built a house out of common trash after becoming inspired by environmental ideals. After witnessing eco-architect Michael Reynolds’ peculiar presentation, in which he constructs boats out of trash and recyclable materials, she had the notion to construct an environmentally friendly alternative home.

The interior of the mobile home is made entirely of natural materials.

The idea of minimalism, which maintains that individuals don’t need as many possessions or as large of a home, also had a significant influence on them. So she packed everything into a single suitcase and threw out everything unnecessary before looking for a suitable car platform to build the tiny house on.

Jessie Lipskin asked friends and acquaintances for help.

That day marked the start of the project to transform an outdated bus into a charming and elegant small home. After removing all of the furniture and trim, Jessie started organizing the living room because she wanted to build an eco-friendly, straightforward home that had everything she needed for four people to live happily together.

With a large living area, a functional kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, and a bedroom, she was able to create her ideal house. In addition, they designed and built a number of enormous storage chambers, one of which had a walk-in wardrobe and enough for a mini-library.

The girl’s lack of construction or carpentry skills, let alone plumbing, hindered her amazing transformation. She clearly needed help with several parts of the job, so she asked friends, acquaintances, and occasionally even professionals for their help.

A sufficient amount of storage space was created with careful design.

But as the pictures show, she eventually achieved the intended effect.

Only natural wood and recycled and salvaged natural materials were used in the interior design.

The interior of this unique RV was completed using only natural, eco-friendly materials because its inventor loves the outdoors. In order to maintain environmental sustainability and provide a comfortable living environment, energy-efficient systems and appliances were installed, and wood and recycled materials were used for insulation, coatings, and many other elements.

The living room of the tiny house on wheels is decorated with unique artwork.

Jessie made the eco-home on wheels more aesthetically pleasing by painting the walls white and adding gorgeous parquet flooring to make the space appear lighter and more appealing. In order to allow natural light to penetrate the entire house, she also chose to leave the original bus windows exactly as they were. An LED system designed by experts was created for nighttime illumination, offering a soft light that fosters a calm and cozy atmosphere. The freestanding walls are painted, which vividly highlights the property’s overall architecture.

The kitchen of the small mobile home is completely furnished.

The designers carefully considered how to arrange the useful areas. Among the appliances in the kitchen are a gas tank, an oven and stove, an energy-efficient washing machine, a refrigerator with a freezer, and a natural wood countertop. Naturally, a number of shelves and cupboards for storing food and kitchenware were thoughtfully and rationally arranged to permit unrestricted movement in this space.

The “eco-house on wheels” in the back of the bus is the bedroom. With its streamlined design and only heavy velvet curtains covering the bus windows, the bedroom at the back of the vehicle is quite light. The bedroom part of the mobile home houses a small library.

Additionally, there is a lovely double bed with an orthopedic mattress and a large amount of storage beneath it. An original feature of the entire room was a little library erected in place of a wall adjacent to the bed.

Little Greyhound, who had never encountered such a problem, came up with a brilliant idea for a self-contained sewerage system. Waste and used water flow into a large tank under the bus’s floor that can be discharged in a designated location. You can simply use the showers, sinks, and toilets in the house because the water supply is kept in a separate tank that is equipped with a water heater and all the plumbing fixtures.

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