Alan Jackson’s Controversial Walkout at the 2016 CMA Awards

Alan Jackson left the 2016 CMA Awards; why?

The 2022 CMA Awards are almost approaching, and lovers of country music are excitedly awaiting this star-studded occasion. Alan Jackson was one performer who gained notoriety at an earlier occasion. Let’s go back in time and explore his reasons for leaving the 2016 CMA Awards.

Pop Stars on Country Music Stages: Not My Thing

Traditional country music has long been a source of pride for Alan Jackson. He was offended, therefore, when pop sensation Beyonce collaborated with the Dixie Chicks for a performance honoring 50 years of the CMAs. Alan had expressed his opinion clearly before the event: he opposed pop musicians attending country music awards presentations.


Indeed, they might perform some authentic country music at the 50th anniversary celebration, Alan said in an interview. However, I can appreciate the annoying TV station attempting to boost its numbers by showcasing a major event featuring a different kind of performer. Yes, maybe for once, it will be a terrific country music show.

Unexpected Absence

Alan didn’t get the classic country music show he had hoped for, even though Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks’ performance received a lot of positive feedback. Alan apparently got up from the front row and left the performance in the midst, making what seemed to be a daring statement. This unexpected action created a stir in the country music scene and spurred conversations about the merging of genres live.

A Preview of the CMA Awards for 2023

It will be interesting to see if Alan Jackson has any similar objections as the 2023 CMA Awards draw near. Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain and baseball superstar Mookie Betts will be present at this year’s celebration, adding to the unique lineup of presenters and performers. Fans may still anticipate a fantastic evening of country music performances from many other gifted musicians, including Chris Stapleton, Luke Combs, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, and many more.


Thus, set your calendars and get ready for an entertaining evening as country music returns to its prominent position at the 2023 CMA Awards.

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