Amy Winehouse: The Before and After of Drugs and Alcohol

Nine years ago, Amy Winehouse’s wild and all-too-brief career came to an abrupt end. She was an extraordinary talent. The soul singer passed away from alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011, and she joined the “27 Club” once more.

But long before this occurred, we witnessed her ascent to prominence and her slow decline into drugs, heartbreak, and poor choices.

Amy Winehouse: Drug and Alcohol Use Before and After

Amy Winehouse had one dream as a child: to become a singer. She was up in the Southgate neighborhood of London as the daughter of a pharmacist and a taxi driver.

Because she was only interested in music as a topic, Winehouse was bored at school and rebelled against her teachers when she was younger.

Amy Winehouse: The Before and After of Drugs and Alcohol
A impoverished girl with lofty aspirations

Amy bravely participated at the esteemed Sylvia Young Theatre School at the age of twelve. She stated in her application, “I would say that my school life and school reports are full of things that could be done better and things that don’t reach their full potential.” I want to travel somewhere that pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone and possibly beyond.

to sing in class without receiving admonitions to stop… However, my main aim is to become extremely famous. to perform live. It is a goal of a lifetime. I want them to hear my voice and, for five minutes, just put their problems aside.


“It’s hard to overstate how much she struck me as unique, both as a songwriter and a performer, from the moment she walked through the door at the age of 13, sporting the same distinctive hairstyle she has now,” said Amy’s school principal, who saw her potential and desire.


She may be on par with Judy Garland or Ella Fitzgerald given her skill set. Many years later, Sylvia Young recollected, “She might be among the greats.”


Amy was able to explore and refine her natural talent after being admitted into the school of her choice.

A burgeoning career at an early age Amy Winehouse signed her first record deal at the age of just 19. Her debut album “Frank,” which was published in 2004 after a year, debuted at number three in the British charts right away. In addition to writing about her life, particularly her romantic relationships, Amy also performed.

Amy Winehouse: The Before and After of Drugs and Alcohol

Critics remarked that Amy was a white woman with a black soul voice. She also cited the 1960s as her own source of inspiration, citing Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, and Sarah Vaughan as her role models. The flamboyant vocalist also adopted the characteristic beehive hairstyle and thick eyeliner of the 1970s fashion trend. However, her enormous success was accompanied by a growing stage fright and a fear of playing for big crowds.

Maybe in an attempt to make up for it, she started going to bars and clubs after concerts and drank herself away from the burden of having to perform.

A terrible conclusion

Amy found herself drawn to Blake Fielder-Civil once more, eighteen months after their painful breakup. The two had a difficult marriage that ended in divorce in 2009, after only around two years of marriage.

At the same time, Winehouse’s career stagnated. Her voice, which had once been strong, sounded hollow and weak, and she frequently swayed drunkenly on stage. The crowd jeered her. For “health reasons,” her management canceled entire tours and halted concerts.

However, it was well known that Amy Winehouse struggled with drugs and alcohol. Amy’s health was failing due to the excesses and sadness. Not only did her physical appearance alter, but her performances at events and concerts also declined.

Her bodyguard discovered her lifeless in her London residence on July 23, 2011. The poisoning was the cause of death.

Amy Winehouse: The Before and After of Drugs and Alcohol
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