Potential Half-Sisters Won’t Pause Their Relationship

Potential half-sisters Carley and Mercedes fell in love at first sight in the pub. The couple, who are both in their mid-twenties, has been posting pictures of themselves in bed on a shared OnlyFans account for the last two years. However, they might be half-siblings!

The two caught their followers off guard when they disclosed their relationship status.

After growing closer and spending almost every day together for two years, they presented their parents, only to later come clean about their affair in casual conversation.


After meeting at a bar, we have been spending every day together ever since! During the epidemic, we made our OnlyFans account together, and soon after, we made our TikTok account! “Our OnlyFans reveals the more personal side of our relationship,” they said to Daily Star.


When they opened up about their fascinating pasts, their mothers found out they had slept with the same man!

Some people find it awkward because they might be half-sisters.

The couple is aware that many people mistakenly believe that they have similar hair and appearances.

They remembered the night they found out they might be siblings: “We had our mums over one night, and because we are all from the same hometown they were talking about places and people they used to hang out with back in the day.” When we found out that they had both dated the same guy, we all felt it was the strangest coincidence ever!

The potential half-sisters made the decision to undergo a DNA test in order to learn the truth.

We sent out the testing kits less than a week ago, and the report says it could take two to six weeks to get the results. Both tests came with a $300 (£246) price tag. Even though it has been a lot for us to process, we haven’t let our uncertainty force us to put our relationship on hold.

In response to the topic of what they would do if they become sisters, the couple responded, “This is a really hard question, especially having thousands of outside opinions, but we have decided to keep this answer to ourselves until we know the results.”

Despite their relationship being controversial, most online responses have been positive.

The prospective half-sisters said, “The reaction has actually been a lot better than we expected.” Though the majority of emails and comments we receive are supportive and kind, on occasion we have received nasty and unfavorable statements. We make an effort to see past anything bad and focus on the good, regardless of what people outside of our situation may say. We are the ones who must make decisions about our own lives.

In their position, what would you say? Would you be in a relationship now if you weren’t sure you could be half sisters? Tell us in the section that follows!

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