Silicone Barbie: girl spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like the legendary doll

An actual Barbie Doll is a 22-year-old resident of Budapest, Hungary. Barbara Luna Sipos’s goal of looking like a Barbie Doll came true.

Real life Barbie thinks she's 'too hot to work' after spending £75k on plastic surgery - Daily Star

Barbara disclosed that she used to like playing with Barbie dolls and wanted to resemble them to the fullest extent possible. The girl had her first operation when she was just 17 years old. She started by enlarging her breast.

Barbie wannabe says she's 'too hot to work' after $80k on surgery

The girl eventually got married, and her husband assisted her in countless more treatments. Despite their spending, the girl maintains that $165,000 is insufficient.

Barbie wannabe says she's 'too hot to work' after $80k on surgery

The girl had two rhinoplasties, her buttocks enlarged, her chin dropped multiple times, and her jaw and forehead modified in addition to her breast augmentations.

The girl had worked as a secretary and receptionist, but she was fired soon after. She said that because she drove guys crazy, no one wanted to take her to any other jobs.

Joven húngara gastó una fortuna en cirugías para ser igual a una Barbie — Rock&Pop

Barbara filed for divorce in 2019. But the girl wants to get married again.

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