“The world’s first pole-sisters”: the endearing sisters are now 39 years old.

Today, 39 years ago, Liverpool saw an incredible event that can only be described as a miracle. The birth of sextuplets caught the interest of people worldwide. It’s amazing to consider that, for the parents, this pregnancy was the outcome of twelve unsuccessful attempts before. Janet and Graham had even considered adopting a child in case their attempts failed once more. However, luck was on their side, as the ultrasound screen revealed six tiny heartbeats, which shocked the physicians.

Due to her particular circumstances, Janet was closely monitored by medical professionals for around six months while she was in the hospital. Eventually, in the thirty-first week, she had a cesarean section, and six precious bundles of joy were born. The prematurely born infants, weighing approximately 1.5 kg each, were initially to be nursed in specialized incubators.

With the unceasing chorus of simultaneous screams and the strenuous obligations of feeding and changing all six babies, the early years were plainly challenging for the parents. But as the girls became older, they offered to help out around the house and willingly took on tasks.

At 39 years old, the sisters have moved near to the house they grew up in. Hannah has put a lot of effort into becoming an independent instructor. Jenny launched their own company and now she and her husband own a profitable bakery. Kate has found her love in human resources, while her sister thrives in a busy contact center.

Lucy has taken to the skies as a stewardess, relishing the rush of flying. Sarah recently assumed the position of mother and provided joy to her family with the birth of her child. Janet and Graham are now happy to assume the role of loving grandparents.

This remarkable family’s story serves as an example of the perseverance, love, and harmony that can arise even in the most trying situations. It is evidence of the human spirit’s tenacity and the enduring power of family bonds.

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