“I love her the way she is”: Pierce Brosnan amazed everyone with pictures of his plump wife

Pierce Brosnan, the well-known actor, turned 68 years old yesterday. The celebrity is in good physical form and is not ashamed of his unflattering wife.



The actor wed a stunning woman named Keely back in the 1990s, and the two of them are still in a perfect union.


It wasn’t long before fans noticed that the actor’s wife had undergone significant changes.

The photos depict the girl’s transformation from a skinny beauty to a chubby lady who no longer seems to be as attractive.

To which Brosnan usually responds succinctly, “I love her like that.”

Shocked, followers comment under every post with things like “What a horror,” “How could you turn yourself into such a thing,” and “This is a wonderful example for everyone.”

What do you think about the couple’s changes? Do they make a good combination?

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