“In Persuit Of Eternal Youth”: A 90-year-old Hollywood Legend Ruined Her Beauty With Plastic Surgery!

Kim Novak, the legendary actress and muse of Alfred Hitchcock, surprised her audience by showcasing her ageless beauty on her 90th birthday. To keep her youthful appearance, Novak decided to have plastic surgery, which caused her admirers to respond in different ways.



Not everyone was pleased with how Novak’s cosmetic improvements turned out. Some admirers expressed dissatisfaction with the actress’s changed appearance, believing that she should have accepted the natural aging process.


Talk of Novak’s rejuvenation efforts was met with comments like “Grow old naturally,” “This doesn’t look like Kim anymore,” and “It’s like two different people.”

Some complimented her for being remarkably young, while others couldn’t help but go back to the actress’s earlier, more effortless beauty.

It was also mentioned that Hitchcock might not have approved of the modifications made to his former inspiration.

What do you think about Kim Novak’s choice to have plastic surgery?

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