Love won all the difficulties: Parents turned away from the guy when they saw his chosen one but he married the girl

Jamie and Corey have been dating for the past three years. The twenty-year-old chosen girl is much larger than the twenty-eight-year-old girl. Corey is just thirty-five inches tall. The couple, incidentally, is already used to the shocked looks from onlookers.



Jamie gripes that his parents didn’t encourage him to make his decision. When his mother saw his lover in her prime, she cut off contact with her son. Jamie said, “They tried to convince me to change my mind, but I insisted on my own.”


The couple went through a trying period, yet they never gave up and stayed together in spite of the stressful and unfavorable environment they were in. They think their love will endure forever.

And what would be your response if your heir made such a decision? Would you stand with him in this circumstance? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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