No longer an appetizing puffin. What does 23-John Travolta’s summer daughter look like today?

It is impossible to understand such a change.

The public has studied the children of well-known performers since their birth. John Travolta’s daughter Ella Blue Travolta was not spared from this destiny.

The girl’s enormous physique as a child drew continual ridicule from the media and society.

She even came in first place when it came to the ugliest celebrity kids. Ella Blue made an attempt to hide her extra weight by dressing in baggy clothing, but her attempts were in vain because such forms could not be concealed.

Years later, Travolta’s incredible metamorphosis astounded the crowd. Ella Blue has transformed from a chubby, lopsided girl to a slender and sophisticated young lady.


She started to look considerably younger than she had before, dropped weight, and altered her wardrobe.

Ella Blue, who is 23 years old today, looks like her well-known father. Unfortunately, Kelly Preston, the actress, passed away in 2020, therefore her mother is no longer with us. Ella Blue Travolta, who is descended from renowned actors, has already started her career as an actress. She altered her appearance because she wanted to be an actress, and the outcome was amazing.

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