These Photos Will Amaze You: How the 92-year-old Billionaire and his Young Wife, who Recently Gave Birth to his Son, Look Like in Real Life

The force behind the transformation of Formula One from a niche racing competition into a global spectacle is Bernie Ecclestone. He was hailed as the “father of Formula One” by the UK press.

Bernie founded one of the UK’s largest used-car companies following World War II, and he later acquired the Brabham racing team in 1971.

In 2017, Ecclestone sold Formula One for an incredible $4.4 billion, ending his involvement in racing. He hasn’t made any significant new startup investments since then, which has caused his fortune to steadily decline—if one could use that phrase to describe someone whose net worth is at $2.9 billion.

Despite leaving the corporate world behind, at ninety-two, he can still boast of a colorful personal life. Ecclestone, a millionaire from a young age, welcomed his first son, Ace, three years ago. He is the father of three daughters: Deborah, 65, Tamara, 35, and Petra, 31.

His eldest daughter Deborah was born into his first marriage, to Ivy Bamford; his younger daughters Tamara and Petra were born into his second marriage, to model Slavica Radich.

Rumors circulate that the daughters may have been jealous of the lone male heir and his mother because of the potential inheritance they would have to split. Bernie, on the other hand, refutes these speculations, claiming to be in his prime and expecting more children. Ecclestone, who was eighty years old, decided to wed a woman forty-five years his junior. Bernie Ecclestone married Fabiana Flossie in 2012; she was nearly his grandchild in age, having been born before his eldest daughter.

At the World Motor Sports Council in 2009, the couple first crossed paths. Fabiana was a member of the marketing team for the Brazilian Grand Prix in Interlagos at the time, but she wasn’t very well-known in the social scene.

2020 saw the birth of Alexander Charles, Fabiana and Bernie’s son, in July after they revealed their intention to expand their family. Ecclestone states in interviews that he is excited to spend more time with his growing son now that he has more free time. We might not stop there, I’m not sure. He could soon have a younger sibling.

We can only hope that the former Formula One mogul is as healthy and energetic as possible, for both his wife and his kids.

The pair tries to prove that love knows no age restrictions while they remain in the public eye. However, the public condemnation of their large age difference and doubts about Fabiana’s sincerity have been expressed.

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