“With grey hair and overweight!”: Iconic Hollywood film star Jodie Foster appeared with unkempt look

Jodie Foster looks different now—she has more weight and gray hair.


It is noteworthy to remark that this exceptional and gifted woman began performing at a very young age and has received an Oscar nomination.

Many are shocked to learn that Foster has received two Oscar nominations. She has acted excellently in several outstanding and illustrious movies.

Owing to her endearing and utterly distinctive beauty, the cult woman portrayed main roles in films, captivating audiences with her charisma.

It should be mentioned, though, that not everyone thought she was attractive.

Many internet users claim that the actress ceased caring for herself, as seen by the fact that she has grey hair and no makeup. Many people believe that she doesn’t care about her appearance or have any interest in sports.

Have you seen any of her film roles?

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