10-yeаr-old boy turns every seаt on “The Voice” with Bob Dylаn’s 1973 nostаlgic cover of “Knockin ‘on Heаven’s Door”

Arthur (10) chose Bob Dylan’s song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” for his blind audition. A wise choice, as the small child will change the three mentors’ perspectives. He will select Louis Bertignаc as his tutor at the very least!

A song that first appeared in the 1973 movie Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid has given some chills. A few months after the fact, Dylan released the single “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” which went on to become a global hit.

The fact that Dylan has routinely produced many other melodious composers is not surprising. Some music is timeless and passed down through the ages. Both well-known and up-and-coming vocalists like Arthur have boldly covered his tunes. Amazing musician Bob Dylan has been lifting people’s spirits with his music since the middle of the 1960s, and he still does.

No matter how often you hear them, some songs always bring a tear to your eye.

“Mama, please take this badge from me; I’m done using it. It’s becoming too dark for me to see, and I feel as though I’m knocking on the door of heaven.

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