A Day in the Life of John Legend: Embarrassing Dad Moments and a Special Family Connection

How John Legend Gets Uneasy in Public Because of His Kids

One of the best singers of his generation, John Legend, may come to mind when you think of him performing live and enthralling crowds with his passionate voice. But did you also know that he is a cherished member of his community and a devoted father? Not only does Legend have millions of admirers worldwide, but his nearest neighbors are among his most ardent supporters as well. We’ll get a peek inside Legend’s life today as he talks about some hilarious incidents he had with his gorgeous children and a touching family bond.

Funny Father Moments

Legend recently offered us a glimpse into his life as a father when he appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Together, Luna, their daughter born in 2016, Miles, their son born in 2018, and their newest addition, Esti, who arrived just a few months ago, are Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen’s, three children. Thanks to his kids, Legend shared some amusing situations that make him feel a little guilty.


When Legend drops his kids off at school each morning, his kids demand to listen to his music in the van. Especially his son knows a remarkable amount of his music. Legend remarked in jest, “When it comes to song lengths, he’s like a little Rain Man.” He is familiar with all of my songs and can even recall their durations. As in, “Green Light is actually a little longer than this one.” 3:19 is the time.

Can you picture how embarrassing it would be to drop your kids off at school and start listening to your own music? It’s even more embarrassing because other well-known kids, like Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s, go to the same school. Legend said, “It’s just so embarrassing that I’m pulling up with the music blaring.” No, from what I’ve heard, Jay-Z isn’t listening to “Reasonable Doubt” in the car with his kids. Knowing that even famous parents like Legend experience self-consciousness in front of other parents is consoling!

A Unique Family Bond

Legend and Teigen just unveiled the name and backstory of their newest daughter, Esti. Teigen fell in love with the name “Este” while on vacation in Italy as she kept seeing it. “I thought, ‘I love the name Este,'” the woman elucidated. They had no idea that the name meant more than it did. Legend learned that her name, Esti, belonged to his great-grandmother. It was originally Esther and then changed to Esti. What a lovely bond with the family!

A Lovely and Unique Family

It’s difficult not to love this amazing family. Not only are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend talented and accomplished, but they also exude warmth and affection from their children. They serve as a reminder that even famous people have regular encounters that provide us joy and a sense of community. So go ahead and make someone else smile by telling them this sweet story!

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