John Cena breaks Make-A-Wish record, volunteering time to make 650 children’s wishes come true

John Cena is doing something even more incredible when he’s not acting in big-budget films or body-slamming opponents in the wrestling ring.

Since 2004, he has helped children with life-threatening illnesses fulfill their goals as a wish-granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


What do you think?

In the forty-two-year history of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cena holds the record for most wishes granted.

He just achieved a remarkable milestone—having granted more than 650 wishes—that astounded everyone!

Cena reportedly replied, “I just drop everything,” as reported by KTLA.

“I’ll be the first to pitch in if I can provide an amazing experience.”

Yes, Cena not only talks the talk but also acts the part.

The best part is that Cena enjoys assisting the families and children just as much as they do.

Make-A-Wish claims to be the most desired celebrity, in fact.

That represents a great deal of affection on both sides!

“I adore Make-A-Wish because it fulfills the wishes of those families,” said Cena.

“You have complete control, and Make-A-Wish has a very long list of wishes.” “I want to go see John Cena wrestle and kick it with him,” that sounds like the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

Even though Cena is assisting in providing comfort and joy to numerous families, he claims that these emotions are shared.
“Taking everything into account, I adore everything about it—I adore the happiness and the connection,” he remarked.


The impact of Cena continues even after the wish is fulfilled.

Frequently, he receives comments from families expressing how important it was for their children to spend time with him, sometimes even in their final days.

Cena said, “Those are always hard to read, but it’s really special.”

Not only does Cena spread happiness, but he also receives it.

“I adore that happiness and that bond,” he uttered.

Everyone gains something from the encounter, and their hearts feel a little bit fuller afterward.

Cena recently paid a visit to a fan who is 19 years old and has Down syndrome.

The young man said he had the guts to flee Ukraine during the Russian invasion because of Cena.

For the whole family, meeting in the Netherlands was a dream come true.

Cena has made it quite evident that serving charities comes first in his life.

He said, “I don’t care what I’m doing, I will drop what I’m doing and be involved if you ever need me for this.”

“That’s the same gift I receive from being able to bring amazing emotional moments into people’s lives in return.”

And that’s it for now, people. John Cena is a hero not only in the ring but also in the eyes and hearts of hundreds of children and their families.

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