Let’s pause to wish Randy Travis a happy birthday and send prayers for his quick recovery. Randy Travis just turned 64! May your days be full of love, joy, and special memories.

There are very few voices that can really relax me out like Randy Travis.


Although he tragically had a stroke many years ago, it didn’t stop him from performing a lovely rendition of “Amazing Grace” in George Jones’ honor, a fellow country music icon.

The iconic performer was backlit in blue and purple during his performance at the Grand Ole Opry, paying tribute to the recently departed George Jones.

Peers like Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, and Travis Tritt joined Travis.



Travis’s wife Mary has openly talked about her husband’s challenging stroke and the support she received from her dedicated admirers.


Randy Travis was sent to a Dallas hospital on a tragic July 2013 day due to problems resulting from viral cardiomyopathy. After having a stroke, he had brain surgery and went into a coma. According to the physicians, the famed performer of gospel and country music had only a 1 or 2 percent chance of surviving.

Consequently, there was little reason for them to keep trying to keep him alive.


Mary Davis Travis, his wife, had the choice to simply turn off life support and let her husband drift off to sleep. THE DOCTORS ASKED HER DIRECTLY THE QUESTION. WHAT WAS HER DESIRE?

She decided to defy all the conventions, nevertheless. Rather than according to protocol and paying attention to physicians, she chose to take a totally different approach.

Mary knew her husband was a fighter, even if the experts had given him just a one to two percent chance of surviving. Turning off the ventilators was simply out of her choice.


Even though her husband Randy was essentially little more than skin and bones, Mary never once thought to turn off his machines while he lay in a coma, entangled in a bed of wires.

Then the miracle finally materialized one day. It was Randy who woke up.

“We are fortunate. We enjoy our current location. At the conclusion of this healing process, we have no idea what God has in store for us. We’re simply grateful to be where we are right now, she added, adding that we’re singing a different tune. “Wherever there is a reason for us to serve, we are pleased to do so. He would certainly love to return to that platform in the future. We’re just enjoying life at the moment and feel incredibly fortunate to be in this location.

Since his stroke, Randy has been confined to a wheelchair, but he is improving and is now able to walk shorter distances on his own. He has also taken up music, and he still has a deep passion and connection for it.

In 2016, he regained his ability to walk, and the Country Music Hall of Fame inducted him.

“Everyone who is acquainted with Randy is aware of his colorful past. According to his wife, “He’s had a beautiful life, but he’s also had tough times.”

Travis, who is currently dealing with aphasia, has obviously been training hard and hoping to return to his previous level of skill, if the performance below is any guide.

After seeing Travis perform, share your thoughts with us regarding his recuperation journey!

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