Victoria Beckham Has Eaten The Exact Same Meal Every Day For 25 Years

For the past 25 years, Victoria Beckham has consumed the same lunch every day.

The 49-year-old former Spice Girl is well-known for her trim body and for running a fashion empire.


Her 48-year-old husband, David Beckham, has revealed how she maintains her trim figure, and it all comes down to a habit she’s had for a significant amount of her life.

Victoria Beckham

The former football player claims that although he gets “emotional” about food, his wife doesn’t seem to share his enthusiasm in an interview with River Cafe Table 4.


The father of four adds, “When it comes to food and wine, I become really emotional. When I have a delicious meal, I want everyone to taste it as well.

“Unfortunately, for the past 25 years, my spouse has eaten the same thing.”


Victoria rarely deviates from her go-to meal, according to David.


Victoria exclusively eats grilled fish and steamed vegetables ever since we met. She hardly ever strayed from that,” he claims.


David smiles wistfully recalls the one occasion when Victoria gave in to her cravings and accepted something from his plate.

David and Victoria Beckham

“She’s only ever shared something that I’ve been involved with when she was expecting Harper, and that was the most incredible thing,” he claims.

It was a very special occasion for me. She hasn’t eaten it since, but I can’t recall what it was.

The fashion designer goes into further detail when David revealed how closely Victoria had adhered to her diet over the years.

The celebrity jokes that her spouse called her “boring” in an interview with Vogue Australia, but she maintains that she is simply “very disciplined” when it comes to dieting.

Victoria Beckham has eaten the exact same meal every day for 25 years -  Irish Mirror Online

“I mean, talk about making me sound boring,” remarks Victoria.

She goes on, “No.” He was saying that he has never met someone who practices eating with such discipline.

“I consume a lot of foods high in healthful fat, such as nuts, avocados, and seafood. Unless there’s a good reason not to, I do drink alcohol. I’ll abstain from all things for three to six months, including alcohol.

“I’m pretty extreme about everything I do, like eating, exercising, drinking, or not drinking.”

Victoria Beckham pictured with her family at Christmas.

Victoria continues by disclosing her workout regimen, which includes “grueling one-hour weights sessions,” frequent pilates, and treadmill runs uphill for thirty minutes.

She also confesses that she “loves” going on a health retreat, takes skin supplements, drinks apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning, and mixes collagen peptide powder into her coffee.

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